Monday, February 4, 2013

Signs Of Life

Well here in AZ Spring is on "speed dial" and is starting to show signs of arrival. of course this means that 100+ temps are also right around the corner. But we Phoenicians can take the heat, its the cold that seems to impact us most.

I got the majority of my garden seeded last week, and the radishes are already starting to sprout! I still have to erect a few more cages, and plant a few more things in a few weeks but I'm pretty pleased so far with this system that claims to be "fool proof"

It's a bit warmer on the rooftop, with the direct sunlight so things happen sooner than some would expect.. It's really all a big experiment. Lets just say there is a huge learning curve when it comes to learning to garden here. I admit I've become somewhat of a serial killer of plants since my migration to AZ. I feel really bad about this fact. I wonder if plants secretly shriek when they see me coming? Trembling in their little pots?

I've reformed, I promise.