Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Has Arrived!

Here we go! Before me lies another new year, filled with unknown adventures, challenges and personal growth.  I'm hoping to apply much of what I learned in "valuable lessons" in 2012 to make this new year one that will be exceptional!  I have to admit I'm not sad to see 2012 go, but along with some of the more difficult things that took place, I also had some very VERY GOOD come from it!! So 2012 will go down as being one of the more eventful!!

Ok " glowing forward" looking ahead and not back I'm really excited to share what I have planned in 2013!! I don't really buy into resolutions, as they more often only last a few weeks. But after some lengthy talks with my husband we have decided to make a few changes in our own health and lifestyles.

They are;

1: Switch to a plant based, whole foods diet.

We already eat pretty well, and I already tend to eat very little meat. But phasing that out completely is our goal now as a family. We have our own reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle but I don't expect it will always be easy. 

2: Start Growing Our Own Food. 

We live in an arid desert climate, in N. Scottsdale AZ so this will prove to be my biggest challenge. I don't expect to have it all down this year but I'm committed to starting the process. After a lot of research I think my best option is containers. We literally have sand and rock, not soil. We have other challenges too, including local wildlife, HOA, and of course the brutal heat of the summers in the Sonoran desert!

It is my goal to chronicle this journey to an urban garden and eventual self sustainability. It will be an adventure! Right?! But I'm up for a good challenge. 

Now the work begins! I did some research and have settled on a type of grow box that incorporates hydroponics and traditional soil. We also have the trouble of keeping the boxes moist and not over heated with soggy roots. I found this product to fit what I need. It's a start and were going to give them a try.  I ordered 10 yesterday, so we are committed! 

I admit I'm rather excited to get back into a nursery to talk plants! I've always enjoyed that experience. I have always loved planning and growing gardens, so its time I once again find my hobby. It's been too long. 

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