Monday, January 14, 2013

And Here We Grow!

I am super excited! My new planting containers have arrived! I think they are going to work wonderfully for what I have planned!

I took one up to the roof just to see how it sat in comparison to the space. Our house is an "adobe" Santa Fe style so almost our entire rooftop is flat. You're only seeing a tiny portion in the photos below actually. And if all goes well the areas to plant are plenty. I could see enough space to grow more than enough to meet our need, we could have a community garden project! I have big dreams, but for now we will test the method on our roof top deck area only.

It's a large deck, approximately 22 x 14. I would also like to incorporated a peaceful outdoor space to relax. A place all my own that exudes my personality. A place I can light candles, relax, entertain, dine, drink wine, meditate... I think you get the image. My goal is to just have a positive place with a purpose to enjoy. The roof deck is one aspect of our house that we greatly underused. With the sunset/ sunrise views, mountains around and city lights below it is the perfect setting for the space I'm looking to create.

It might be a bit of a challenge hauling the bags of soil up here for the planters but I think it's manageable on my own. Besides, trying to till and remove enough rocks and amend the soil to plant in our area would be MUCH MORE difficult. We also share the neighborhood with legions of cotton tail rabbits, Javilina and Deer. Dining on my garden will not be easy, if not impossible for the critters. So a little trade off of rigging up a water system, and providing a bit of shade in the hotter months seems small in comparison.

I do have reservations about our neighbors above us complaining. We have a tough HOA, and like anywhere a few Codgers. Every neighborhood has "one of those" people. My hope is that whomever that party pooper might be, they don't live in one of the houses above me. I figure if I keep it neutral and pleasing whomever is looking down should not mind seeing some green.

Pretty good view from my perspective!

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