Sunday, January 20, 2013

Through Week Two

It's now been a little more than two weeks since we committed fully to consuming a plant based whole foods diet. Reed just mentioned something that got me thinking....

We were chatting and he said how easy it had been for him to completely give up meat and dairy. He surprisingly had not missed either at all! Then he wondered if I was surprised by that? I'll admit I wasn't sure he would commit 100% at first, because I was basing my expectation on my past experiences with relationships in this arena. But, I am learning that you cannot do that! Each relationship is different, THANKFULLY!! I've found a keeper.

He has also shared with me that he has a lot less pain in his knees climbing up the stairs etc, and that's only after two weeks! It makes me wonder, if he is already feeling the reduced inflammation in his joints, how much repairing is already going on inside the body that we don't see? He also seems to be sleeping better. I've noticed a few changes in his face too actually, he looks younger and the puffiness especially around his eyes has improved.

I'm very proud and grateful about how supportive Reed has been with this change we've made. He's not complained once about what I've been making. I appreciate that about my husband. We are very alike in our thinking and ideals, about a lot of things including how we eat and care for our bodies.

Its been somewhat interesting for me to do research on balanced meal planning, and I've come across a lot of really interesting new recipes and food pairings in the process. For example I found an excellent baked breakfast oatmeal that uses sweet potato! Honestly, who would have thought to pair sweet potatoes with oats and chia seeds for breakfast! Someone did and I think is is a marvelous idea!

How about smashing up some russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots an onion and a few cloves of garlic with Korean kimchi? I did (see photo below) Let me just say.... Do try! It's YUMMY!


  1. Good to hear when people eliminate pain...I did too when I began the Organic Raw GREEN juicing in the blender..Good luck I still eat a tad of meat cause I cook it for others..but not enjoying it much anymore.

  2. Thanks Akuna, I like you spent the last year nearly free of meat but had to cook of course for the rest of the family. Now it's super easy, and there is no temptation. I can't say I will never eat meat again, or dairy as I'm not really a Vegan or Vegetarian, I just choose to eat plants. And if we're invited to a BBQ or a friends for dinner, of course ill eat what they are serving. Just not too much! I like meat and dairy.... But knowing what I know on how it effects the over all health of my body I prefer on a normal basis to avoid animal products.